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The Northern Hope Foundation started as a Soup Kitchen for the elderly in early 2013. Founder, Pinky, saw the elderly waiting for their pension grants a short ways away from her home and thought that while waiting must be terrible, there is nothing worse than waiting on an empty stomach. She took it upon herself to feed those in line.

What she may not have known then, is how much of a rock to the community she would become. Northern Hope Foundation, still run by Pinky, has seen immense growth over the last 8 years. It is a registered NPO and has been established to aid the elderly, the young and the vulnerable in Ga-Rankuwa.

Currently, Northern Hope Foundation is a leader in community mobilisation to ensure that the community has easy access information on HIV Prevention, care and support. In partnership with Phedisong 1 and 4 clinic, Northern Hope Foundation

manages a Central Chronic Medicine Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) program on behalf of the Department of Health. This is done in partnership with Wits RHI as a support and mentoring partner.

In addition, Northern Hope Foundation is partnering with Wits RHI to reach out to communities and disseminate information on new HIV prevention methods including pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for adolescent Girls and Young Women and their partners. This programme is pioneered by community leaders like religious, traditional healers and political leaders.

Should you like to hear more about our programs or initiatives, and who we aid, please feel free to contact us.




Pinky Sekai

Lebogang Malatji

Josia Lamola

Founder and Program


Management Committee


Program Coordinator 


Thapelo Mathibe

Finance and Administrator


John Ninje




  • Provision of food and household needs to the elderly and school going children.

    • E.g provision of pizza to children who have never tasted pizza in their lives aiming at boosting their self esteem and allowing them the ability to relate when others talk about pizza.

  • Organised special celebration days for the blind and elderly.

  • Distributed dignity packs to AGYW, elderly and other vulnerable community members

  • Organised community dialogues with community leaders to support the HIV prevention including PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxes) in the community.

  • Organised dialogues with care givers, sex workers, LGBTQ+ members, school principals, school governing bodies, teachers, learners, and youth to understand HIV prevention methods and new technologies that are in the pipeline.

  • Organised graffiti days where the wall of Northern Hope was painted, and messages written for community to have access to this HIV prevention information.

  • Organised soccer tournaments aiming at dissemination of HIV prevention messages targeted at young people

  • Restoring dignity to vulnerable children, including celebrating their birthdays in a very special way

  • Adopt a School Project to provide school fees, uniform, disseminate health information especially HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

  • Community garden project where together with the existing women in communities we can start a garden which will provide food and work for the children (land has been identified and donated by the Local School Moepathutse Community Learning Centre)

  • Continue engaging with leaders in HIV Prevention Programs in order for them to support their girl children.

  • Provide food to the elderly while they are waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine

  • Facilitating the rehabilitation of drug addicts in our community 

  • Facilitate youth employment /unemployment programs

  • Develop an afterschool care centre

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